Book Of The Month


 SLED DOG TALES Victoria Roder When young Lahela Kendall is training a new pup to run with her team of sled dogs, hoping to run them in the next race just like her Inuit ancestors have done for many years. The only problem is a boy named Jason, who is cruel and wants everyone to be as miserable as he is. Even though Lahela's grandfather always taught her to remember The Golden Rule and treat people the way you want to be treated, Jason tests her resolve many times. But when his sled wrecks during a race, and Jason is trapped beneath, only Lahela can help him. But if she helps him, she'll lose the race, and this is a race she's always wanted to win. Will Lahela remember The Golden Rule, or will she pass by Jason, promising to send someone back for him, so she can win?

SANTA'S MAGICAL TRIP Bobbie Shafer From a poem the author wrote about her grandfather, whom she called, Daddy Joe. Bobbie Shafer has created a picture book wi…