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Bobbie Shafer
From a poem the author wrote about her grandfather, whom she called, Daddy Joe. Bobbie Shafer has created a picture book with the poem that will take boys and girls on a magical ride with Santa all across the world.

Victoria Roder
When young Lahela Kendall is training a new pup to run with her team of sled dogs, hoping to run them in the next race just like her Inuit ancestors have done for many years. The only problem is a boy named Jason, who is cruel and wants everyone to be as miserable as he is. Even though Lahela's grandfather always taught her to remember The Golden Rule and treat people the way you want to be treated, Jason tests her resolve many times. But when his sled wrecks during a race, and Jason is trapped beneath, only Lahela can help him. But if she helps him, she'll lose the race, and this is a race she's always wanted to win. Will Lahela remember The Golden Rule, or will she pass by Jason, promising to send someone back for him, so she can win?

Laura Thomas
Every village has a mysterious character—someone to tell tales about, someone to fear. Meet The Candle Maker. One Christmas Eve in Victorian England, ten-year-old Benjamin Walker is forced to face the fabled old candle maker and see for himself if the ghastly rumors are true. Challenged by neighborhood bullies, lessons and lies, and an English bulldog along the way, Benjamin confronts his fears on a quest to discover the truth. But will this ragamuffin lad find the courage he needs in time to save a life?

Bobbie Shafer
Do dreams really come true? When Letty Wade dreams of six flowers in a barren field and a hawk tells her to save them, she wonders about the dream. But when she attends her aunt's funeral in the city, far from her mountain home, she overhears conversation about an orphanage with six children that couldn't be placed with a family and are being sent to the work house, Letty knows these children are the six flowers in her dreams. After meeting her aunt's lawyer, who helps her adopt the children, she must be present for the reading of her aunt's will. It is then she finds out that her aunt has left her a gold mine that is producing and bringing in a handsome sum of money for her each month. Will a 59 year old widow be able to care for six rambunctious children and what will become of them should she suddenly die?

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