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The Corgi Capers Series by Val Muller

Fifth-grader Adam Hollinger looked forward to an ordinary summer: All-Star baseball practice, reading comic books, begging his parents for a dog, and avoiding his mischievous older sister. But things get crazy when the Hollingers adopt two corgi puppies and the team’s star pitcher breaks his arm. Even worse, a serial burglar has been targeting the neighborhood, and the Hollingers’ house is on the list. When the adults of the town become stumped, it’s up to Adam and the puppies to set things straight. Check out all three books in the Corgi Caper series!
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Wind-Free by Patricia La Vigne

Fifteen-year-old Kellea Sullivan discovers her calling in life after falling in love with a Thoroughbred colt she names Wind-Free. She cares for the colt after his leg is caught in a coil trap, and then after surgery for a bone spur. Her love and attention is rewarded when Wind-Free begins racing and wins race after race. But can he live up to his name and reputation when he's entered in the biggest race of all, the Triple Crown?
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                                                                 The Tears Series by Laura Thomas
Budding ballerina, Bethany St.Clair wakes up in a hospital bed, confused and in pain. After celebrating her fourteenth birthday at the Nutcracker ballet with her parents, she remembers beginning the car ride home to unwrap her final birthday present. Her life unravels before her when she realizes she is the sole survivor from the vehicle. With a severely broken leg and a crushed spirit, Bethany is left in the loving care of her aunt Alice, and the young ballerina’s desperate struggles begin. Dealing with unimaginable grief, Bethany embarks on a new chapter in her life, living with her young Christian aunt. A waging war in Bethany's heart pulls her further away from God, and her only hope of comfort is beyond her reach. How long until she can dance again? One evening, Bethany discovers the unopened birthday present from her parents but is unable to muster the emotional strength to unwrap it. She buries it beneath her bed; the constant reminder of that fateful night hidden from sight. Every day brings its own mountains for Bethany to climb, and she is forced to choose between old friends and new, forgiveness and bitterness, and ultimately life and death. Moments of joy in the form of her puppy, the theater, and a new guy with a fascinating past start to break through Bethany's hopelessness, and she begins feeling human again. But an appointment back at the hospital threatens to cruelly shred every fiber of hope she clung to, and the downward spiral accelerates. Nobody else can understand the ramifications of this news. Bethany’s lifelong dream was to be a ballerina. If there even is a God, how could He do this to her? She is utterly devastated, and there is only one way out. Too exhausted to care about life any more, she needs to be with her parents. It's too much for her to handle on her own. The bottle of painkillers will do the job. As a final act of respect to her parents, there is one last thing she feels compelled to do. Bethany gingerly unwraps the present from the night of the accident. But will her discovery be enough to save her life? Don't miss any of the books in this terrific coming of age series!
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Mark of the Dragonfly by 
Bobbie J. Shafer

Dumped by his father, Caleb Ferguson spent ten years at Fair Meadow Orphanage feeling abandoned and alone. Only his dream-filled nights of fairies, leprechauns, and magical knights give his life any joy, until the day the strange and incredible Professor Thaddeus Myrrdin Slimmerik appears. The Professor and his magical pocket watch turn the orphanage upside-down as he whisks Caleb away to the land the boy once believed existed only in his dreams. Caleb discovers his past and future uniquely entwined with Professor Slimmerik’s, while he also learns the truth about his father and the curious birthmark they share. Will Caleb fulfill his destiny or is the mark of the dragonfly a curse that will destroy him?