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Salt & Light: Being The Hands & Feet of Christ (in a cruel and dangerous world)


SALT & LIGHT is a combination of biblical scripture and personal experience that deals with the situations and encounters that are generally seen as not being congruent with the morality, spirituality or belief structures held by most people, civilian or sworn. In this book, Poole aims to expose the reader to some of the characteristics in the police culture that only exacerbates difficulties the Christian police officer must face in their work and service of God. Poole’s ambition for this book is a hope that in reviewing its chapters the reader will be provided with the tools through scripture to become a true servant, whether a believer in Christ or not. Salt & Light will give officers a path to fixing their Christian identities and utilizing their beliefs while in the performance of their duties. Throughout this book, Poole helps others to gain a simple understanding of the difficulties faced as public servants and the circumstances that clash with the Christian tenets they may hold. Exposing faults in policing, Salt offers a plan through scripture that will heal our nation and our identities as Christians. Poole’s personal stories about his battle with alcoholism and anxiety, give witness to God’s grace and amazing love in living testament. Evidence of God’s mercy is found throughout Salt’s chapters, and examples of how and why we share that mercy, are abundant.

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