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For Mama Bear & Papa Bear

Miracle at Sycamore Grove Book 2


Virginia "Ginny" Cash has learned that her husband, Wylie is MIA while serving in the Korean War, and worse yet, his pay has stopped, but because he hasn't been declared dead either, she can't even get widow benefits to help provide for her two children, Donny, 5, and Anna Marie, 4. Although working at the little diner downstairs from her apartment provides wages and sometimes, pretty good tips, she still lives hand to mouth. Ginny's best friend, Edna, lives across the hall and babysits Donny & Anna. Edna continues to try and press Ginny to accept the fact that Wylie is dead and will never come back, Ginny refuses. Yet, having him declared dead would help financially, but Ginny just can't give up on the love of her life. Then, as if fate steps in, Ginny receives a large envelope containing three letters. The first explains that she has inherited Eagle Creek Manor; the second has train tickets for Ginny and her children; the third contained $1,000 in cold hard cash. Jenny couldn't believe it wasn't a hoax and ran across the hall to Edna's apartment and showed her the envelopes. A few minutes later the hall phone rang, just as the letter said it would, and the man on the other end assured her that yes indeed, her fortune had changed significantly, but Ginny wasn't leaving Edna alone, and told the man she wouldn't accept unless Edna went to and they agreed immediately. When the group arrives at Eagle Creek Manor, they are incredulous that this estate could possibly be their home free & clear. But all is not as it seems in Sycamore Grove. Young girls had been disappearing for nearly thirty years, yet most were written off as runaways, or as having met some young man and eloping, but when someone breaks into Ginny's new home, she decides to find out once and for all what was going on. But can a young woman protect her children and her friend from a serial killer who is much closer than any of them might guess?

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