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For Mama Bear & Papa Bear

Once Upon a Mountain


Do dreams really come true? When Letty Wade dreams of six flowers in a barren field and a hawk tells her to save them, she wonders about the dream. But when she attends her aunt's funeral in the city, far from her mountain home, she overhears conversation about an orphanage with six children that couldn't be placed with a family and are being sent to the work house, Letty knows these children are the six flowers in her dreams. After meeting her aunt's lawyer, who helps her adopt the children, she must be present for the reading of her aunt's will. It is then she finds out that her aunt has left her a gold mine that is producing and bringing in a handsome sum of money for her each month. Will a 59 year old widow be able to care for six rambunctious children and what will become of them should she suddenly die?

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