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For Mama Bear & Papa Bear

Comes An Outlaw


Jacob Dobbs is alive. That surprises him considering how many times he's been shot and the amount of blood he's lost. Forced to leave his brother, Luke, lying dead, Jake hurts both inside and out. As soon as he's up to it, he's going to avenge Luke's death and he knows just where to start. Ebenezer Franklin is a big fish in a little pond and has everyone in town in his back pocket, but that won't deter Jake. As he sees it, Ebenezer is responsible for the shoot-out, and the $5,000 taken from Luke in a rigged card game. But when Jake finally executes his plan, he doesn't expect to run into a beautiful woman. Or to kidnap her. Now he has an even bigger problem--she doesn't seem too upset at being kidnapped!

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