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For Mama Bear & Papa Bear

The Adventurers: The Store Robbery


Maddie, Devin and Brandon are more than just friends, they are “The Adventurers.” As the summer winds down, the Adventurers are thinking about the beginning of the school year. On a hot, August day they plan to ride bikes by Stranger Creek. Little do they know that a fun bike ride is about to become a mystery. Maddie notices a couple of strangers below the bridge and they’re hiding something. Maddie watches them leave just as Brandon and Devin arrive. They forget about riding bikes and search for whatever might be hidden. What they discover shocks them and the adults in the town. Equally surprising is the fact that Maddie’s father’s store has been robbed. Is there any link to what the Adventurers discover near Stranger Creek and the robbery? Will an innocent person suffer? Will anyone believe the startling conclusion the Adventurers discover? Join the Adventurers as, together, they work to solve The Store Robbery.

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