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For Mama Bear & Papa Bear

Amelia Frump & her Billion-Cajillion Dollar Secret


What the peanut butter! Julie isn't Amelia's friend anymore? That's what Amelia thinks when the new girl, Meagan, moves to town and Julie spends all her time with her. Making matters worse, Meagan seems perfect in every way--especially in racing on the monkey bars. Feeling jealous and as popular as a slimy lunch bag, Amelia begins to dislike the new girl. Amelia's classmates are excited when their teacher reveals hs secret. But Amelia's world is further ripped to shreds when the kids are assigned partners and she's paired with "the girl I'd never wanna be friends with", Meagan. Amelia uses her imagination to change Meagan (until the project is over) but something goes terribly wrong and the real Meagan is changed. Can Amelia fix things in time or will Meagan be transformed forever?

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