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Christy Diachenko

Author of Broken Promise 

Nolle Prosequi

Rhonda Eichman

Author of Bargain On The Prairie

Marilyn Helmer

Author of

Sarah's Wings

Walli Goggin's Halloween

Andrew Lankford

Author of



Fluffy Socks

Pat La Vigne

Author of


Barbara Lunow

Marie McGaha

Author of

When God Calls, It's Time to Listen

Comfort & Joy book one: forgiveness

Shine His Light series

The Root, The Fruit, The Shoot

Freedom Worth Dying For - a Files' family history

Claire Muller

Author of 

Signing to the Angels

Val Muller

Author of

The Corgi Capers Trilogy

Shereé Danielle Parker

Author of

Thirty Days of Spiritual Inspiration

Claire Pence

Author of

The Counselor's Daughter

Capt. Matt Poole

Author of 

Salt & Light: Being The Hands & Feet of Christ (in a cruel and dangerous world)

Jenifer Regennitter , MSEd, LCPC

Before You Marry:

A Single’s Guide To Choosing

and Being God’s Best Spouse

Victoria Roder

Author of

It's Not You, It's Them devotional

Directions In Life devotional

What If a Zebra Had Triangles?  Coloring book & children's book

An Important Job to Do: A Noah's Ark Tale children's book

Sled Dog Races children's chapter book

Kristin Rodgers

Author of

Second Chances

Debbie Roppolo
Author of
The Toilet Is Overflowing & The Dog Is Wearing My Underwear
He's My Brother
The Amelia Frump series

JS Roppolo

Author of

From My Grandmother's Heart

Bobbie J. Shafer

Author of

Mark of the Dragonfly

The Quest for the Sorcerer's Staff

Secrets of Willow Grove

Dance of the Scorpion

Love's Golden Dream

Miracle at Sycamore Grove

The Legend of Eagle Creek

Santa's Magical Trip

Once Upon a Mountain

Pam Seales

Author of

The Jingle Bell Run

Bill Thomas

Author of

The Adventurers: The Great Store Robbery

Laura Thomas

Author of

Pearls For the Bride: Dear Daughter

Tears to Dancing

Tears of a Princess

Tears, Fears, & Fame

The Candle Maker