Submission Guidelines

SUBMISSIONS  for  2019-2020 are now CLOSED for our adult line, CHILDREN'S SUBMISSIONS REMAIN OPEN. Please follow our submission guidelines or your manuscript may not be read.

Dancing With Bear Publishing is a royalty paying publisher. Authors receive 50% of sales on their books. A larger percentage of sales is earned because the founder of Dancing With Bear Publishing is an author and has run the gambit of publishers who only want to pay low royalties. While we do provide editing, cover art, ISBN, and promotional services and absorb the cost of those services, we believe that authors work hard to become published and then work even harder to promote their books. So why shouldn't they earn larger shares of the sales?

Before you submit a manuscript to us, or send an email asking a question, please carefully read the guidelines below.

We are accepting only the best manuscripts, and that begins with following our guidelines below. Mss. that are not formatted to our specifications will not be read. 

Guidelines for Adult Manuscript Submissions 

Christian Fiction:

Any story, any genre, any setting as long as the story glorifies God and puts godly attributes first. Must have clear morals, with clear, godly resolution to problems. Minimum 30,000 words. Please include word count with submission. 

Christian Non-fiction:

We accept true Christian life stories that either tell how one came to be a Christian; or how their Christian life was tested; or how a person was a Christian and walked away from their beliefs, only to be drawn back to God by an adverse or other situation. We also accept true stories about life and how God helped get you through a particular situation, or how your Christian beliefs were a vital role in how you managed a life situation. Minimum word count 30,000; however, self-help, Bible study, etc. may have a minimum page count of 50 pages, standard 8x10.

We also accept devotionals, Christian self-help books, study guides, etc. 

Guidelines for Children's and YA Manuscript Submissions:

We publish family-friendly books for ages 9 to 15. Word count should be at least 10-15k for the lower end of the age range, and a minimum of 30k for the upper end.

We DO NOT accept children's picture books unless accompanied with illustrations and is a minimum of 30 pages in length. 

For all submissions: 

 Absolutely NO:

erotica, sensual, sexual or other like content

We publish M/F godly, sweet romance ONLY  

vampires, ghouls, ghosts, goblins, werewolves (for children's books, we do accept non-violent spooky stories set in reality ie monsters under the bed etc.)

blood, guts and gore, foul language, perversion of any kind
alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc (the exception is if you are submitting a biography that includes how you were an addict/alcoholic and were able to quit)


Manuscripts will be accepted in the following formats - Word doc, rtf, docx, NO pdf's.


·  single line spacing.

·  Standard 12 pt Trebuchet MS font 

·  Indent for the first  line of each paragraph only

· All submissions must be spell-checked and edited based on US English grammar and spelling standards. (This is open for historical stories that may have accents or use Olde English, or terms from the era that are necessary for the story line).

Do not use headers or footers; no page numbers; and please, do not double space after punctuation or between paragraphs.

If you are ready to submit, here's how:

Save mss. with author and title separated by underscore (ie author_title) 

Please make sure author name & email is on title page, if we don't know who sent us the mss., we can't contract with you.

Send Chapter One, Final Chapter, & a random chapter from the middle of the story. Chapters should be in one document, sent as a single attachment. Attach a 2-3 page synopsis; attach a good blurb, and include an introduction in the body of your email. Include word count.

Send in .doc, .docx or .rtf formats only, as attachments to: 
For adult books 

For children's & YA books

You may also contact us at the above email and ask for our pre-editing sheet that will help you submit a cleaner, more polished mss.

Yes, first time authors are welcome!

Please note that we do receive many submissions each day. We must read and evaluate each submission and that can take a while, so please be patient. However, if you haven't heard from us within six (6) months, please drop us a line.

If you have submitted to other publishers and are accepted by them, please drop us a line to let us know, so we can discard your submission. This will save us a lot of time. We do try to get back to each author as quickly as possible and try not to keep you waiting any longer than necessary. Also, please be aware that after you receive a contract for your work, it can still be another year (12 months), before the book is available for sale.