DWB Publishing - Books for the Whole Family!

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DWB Publishing is a royalty paying publisher. We do not charge authors for any part of the publishing process. We welcome published and unpublished authors. All authors are responsible for their own taxes on royalties. We reserve the right to reject any manuscript without cause.

To submit to DWB please read the guidelines carefully. They are here for a reason, so please follow them or your work will not be read.

*USE 12pt TREBUCHET font, single spaced between lines and single space after punctuation. No spaces between paragraphs. Indent paragraphs .5" and make sure you align all text left. Send as a .doc or .docx NO pdfs. Do not add headers, footers, or page numbers. 

*Do not sending any cover materials, or anything besides what we ask for. If you get that far in our process, we will send you all the other information you need.

*Absolutely NO sexual content, no foul language, etc. 

*Pay attention to the red and blue editing lines under words. Red is misspelled words, blue is grammar or sentence structure errors. 

*Put your name and email on the first page of everything you send us and save all attachments as instructed for mss.

*Save your work with first initial, last name, underscore, title (ie MMcGaha_WriteABook)

*Attach chapter one, final chapter and random middle chapter to an email, along with your bio, synopsis, and blurb in a single, separate attachment. Briefly, (seriously, be BRIEF in your introduction, telling us your life story doesn't change whether we will publish your book, 50 words or less will do it), introduce yourself in the body of the email. If we like what you've sent us, we'll request the full manuscript. For adult books, send to dwbpublishing@gmail.com. For all others, send to dancingwithbearpublishing@gmail.com. Please allow six (6) months for a reply.

General Information:

Adult, young adult, and children's chapter books should be at least 30,000 words. Children's picture books must be accompanied by illustrations and text on a separate page (do not add text to illustrations), and should be at least 35 pages. 

We also have an editing sheet that will help you prepare a better and more polished mss to send us. If you would like the editing sheet, send an email to dwbpublishing@gmail.com and request it. We are happy to provide this to you.